Friday, September 21, 2007

New Pictures

Here are some pictures of the Hurst family in July 2007, pictures of our little family and some pictures of Melly's visit to DC. We will post some pictures of our new apartment later for everyone to see. Oh and I posted a picture of our baby dog Romeo. I hope you guys enjoy! Love you all.

Homework and Hardwork begins :)

Hi everyone it is us again! We thought that it was time to update our blog and to add some new pictures for everyone! We have both been in school for about 4 weeks and we both love our classes. This semester is going to be challenging for the both of us because each one of our classes requires a lot of reading and a lot of hard work. This semester Ryan is taking Arabic, Cross-Cultural Communications, International Relation Research Strategies, Society and Culture in the Middle East, and International Trade and Investment Relations. This semester it took a little longer for Ryan to get really excited for school because he is just about to start his graduate program and is taking classes to finish up his undergrad; so he is in a limbo stage it seems. He really does enjoy all of his classes though. He loves his professors and it has been a lot of fun to hear him practice his Arabic alphabet at home. He listens to the Islamic Call of Prayer about every night which is very neat to hear. It is so awesome to see how he loves the different cultures especially the middle eastern culture. As for me (McKenna), I'm taking Writing for Mass Communications, Understanding Mass Communications, Finite Math, Sex Culture and Society, and Visual Literacy. All of my classes are going well but I'm still figuring out how this new school works. :) American has a lot more reading than I'm used to but it really pushes you to work hard. I am surrounded by people who are motivated and really want to be learn which I love. Some of my professors are very hard graders but I'm learning what they expect. I think the most wonderful part of being in school is that your mind is challenged and you learn new ways of thinking and broaden your knowledge and perspective on many issues. We both are really enjoying school! As for our new apartment, we are moved in and absolutely love it. It is everything we expected and more. We can't believe the difference it has made in our life and are so grateful for it. Our neighbors are wonderful and very friendly. We have a lot of small dogs in our building which is very fun because of our dog Romeo. People on our floor let their dogs out and just have them all play which is a lot of fun! Just recently my sister Melynda came and visited and it was so fun having her here. I will post some pictures! She is so fun to have around and we just love her so much. We miss everyone, but are doing wonderful! WE WILL WRITE SOON! TAKE CARE EVERYONE! HOPE YOU ENJOY THE PICTURES!

Sunday, August 26, 2007


Hi everyone! We know it has been a long time since we have updated our blog and apologize for that. A lot has changed in our lives recently; Ryan is now working for Congressman Mitchell as an intern on the hill, we found a new apartment located right across the street from the National Cathedral and we are both starting school tomorrow! We are so excited for these changes in our life! The new apartment we found was really such a big blessing. We have been living in a very small studio basement apartment which has been great for our first year in DC, but we have decided it is time to have a bedroom and windows :) Our new apartment is beautiful! It has gorgeous wood floors through out, a big kitchen, 2 air conditioning units, big windows, 10 ft ceilings, ceiling fans, A BRAND NEW FRIDGE, A DISHWASHER and A BEDROOM WITH A WALK IN CLOSET! All these things seem so little, but to us they are huge because we have never lived in a place this nice since we have been married. SO BASICALLY WE ARE ECSTATIC!!!! We start school tomorrow and are very excited for this semester. Well we have to go, but will keep everyone updated. Have a nice night

Friday, June 8, 2007


June is already here and it seems as though time has flown by so fast. We have almost lived in DC a whole year and can't believe that we have lived here that long. It is starting to get warm here which wouldn't be that bad, but it is also humid so it doesn't make a very good combination, but we still love it. Ryan is finished with his Spring semester and is taking 2 courses this summer semester. He is taking a painting class and also a sculpting class which he really enjoys. McKenna is still working for the orthodontist in Chevy Chase, Maryland but will probably be leaving her job at the end of August when the fall semester begins. She will be attending American University for 2 years and will graduate with a BA degree in Public Relations and a minor in Chemistry. She is a little sad she has to leave her job, but is really looking forward to school and a new adventure. We are returning to Arizona on June 29 and will be there until July 18 which we are so excited. It will be so fun to see our families and really get to spend some time with them. We are very excited for the warm dry weather and swimming!! Pretty soon I will be starting to post just random experiences that Ryan and I are having in DC so look for those and we hope you enjoy the Blog!!

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

April 2007

It is already April and we are sorry we didn't update our site sooner. The Spring is finally here in DC, but it is still a little chilly. The weather has been very unpredictable these last couple weeks. One day it will be sunny and warm and the next day raining and a chance of snow; it really is strange. :) It is finally starting to warm up a little bit, and we are very excited for the day when we don't have to wear jackets anymore!
Ryan is finishing up his 2nd semester at American University. These last couple weeks he has many papers due that determine his final grades in his classes. He enjoys his classes, but is a little antsy for the semester to be over, just like every student at the end of the year. He will finish with his classes the beginning of May and then will start up a summer session at the end of May. Ryan found a new job at American University that pays him better and will fit very well with his school schedule.
McKenna is still working for an orthodontist in Chevy Chase. She met with her new advisor at American University to set up her class schedule for the fall semester and they determined that majoring in Communications and minoring in Education would be the best route for her in graduating. She has 2 years left of school and will then graduate with her BA.
Our goal for the next few months is to save up money to buy a nice Flat screen TV and an Xbox 360 with a game called "Guitar Hero" (yes we know we are weird but we have a lot of fun!) We are enjoying DC and really love each adventure we have here.

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

A Winter Wonderland

This is a picture of our neighborhood in late February. I walked outstide and saw what looked truly like a Winter Wonderland; it was the most beauitful thing I have seen in my life. The beauty of nature and it was breath taking. I hope everyone enjoys it.

Monday, March 26, 2007

Our Home is DC

We have been living in Washington DC since mid August of 2006 and it is really starting to grow on us. Everyone told us when we moved here that it would take about a year to really feel like this was our home and I guess they are right. It has been about 8 months and DC is becoming home. We live in a tiny studio basement apartment about 380 square feet. We live in NW Washington DC on the border of Bethesda in a very cozy residential neighborhood. Ryan has been attending American University since August and is studying International Economic Relations. Ryan will have his undergrad degree in Spring of 2008 YEAH, but that is only the beginning. :) He has been doing awesome in school and works very hard. He received a scholarship when he first transferred and has kept that and made the Deans list this last semester. I have been working for an orthodontist in Chevy Chase Maryland in the front office. Although it isn't my all time favorite job it pays me well and I enjoy the people I work with. I applied for several colleges for the fall semester of 2007 and got into my number one choice AMERICAN UNIVERSITY. We are very excited to be going to the same school this fall. WE LOVE SCHOOL! I will be studying Elementary Education; I have about a year and a half left depending on how many of my credits transfer. We attend the Chevy Chase Ward in Bethesda Maryland and I think it is the best ward we have ever been in. The ward has truly been a wonderful experience full of brilliant and very loving people. We are surrounded by so many talented people ranging from artists, historians, lawyers, government officials, and more; the ward is truly diverse and full of amazing people.