Friday, May 23, 2008

Going Back to the Old Days! ;0) Rollerblading in the City

Hi everyone. is memorial day weekend and the weather in DC has been absolutely beautiful, so Ryan and I decided to go buy some Rollerblades!! We roller bladed a little while we were dating (I know we are nerds ;) ) and haven't been rollerblading in forever so we thought it would be a blast and something we could do often and an activity that would get us out in the fresh air and just have so much fun doing. We went to Sport Authority and bought Ryan Rollerblades (since Target didn't have men's Rollerblades) and bought some work out clothes. We haven't both been in a Sport Authority forever and it brought back many memories of High School days and sports. I attempted to ride a bike lol and Ryan tested out the Rollerblades and he found some that were perfect and pretty cheap. When we got home we decided to test out our new blades and THOUGHT we would be able to Rollerblade for about an hour or so and go down to Georgetown lol well....we didn't make it very fare till my legs were killing me and Ry's feet were hurting but we do have an excuse lol DC is basically a hill and we are at the top and we did fine going down, but having to rollerblade up was difficult. lol Many people stared at us while driving by; acting like they had never seen rollerblades before in the city lol (which they probably haven't) but what can I say we are bringing them back. :) We really did have an awesome time though. We basically laughed at each other the whole time and can't wait till we build up the stamina to rollerblade longer than 15 minutes lol. Well just thought I would share our newest adventure. I'll post again soon.

Friday, May 16, 2008


So..RYAN GRADUATED LAST SUNDAY WITH HIS B.A. IN INTERNATIONAL SERVICE!! One down 2 or more to go :) It was a great weekend; Holly and Bruce both came to DC to be here for the big day and we got to spend the whole weekend with them. It was so nice to spend time, just the four of us, visiting, eating and just having fun; we just loved having them here. Ryan's graduation was awesome, we all were so proud of him; in case you didn't know Ryan graduated with University Honors and magma cum laud which is the top 10% of his class. It was so neat to acknowledge the moment and see him in his cap and gown and be there for the ceremony; it really was a special night. It was awesome to see Ryan accomplish this goal that he has worked so hard for. I watched him slave over a 70 page honors thesis paper and than multiple papers after that. He has put his whole soul into this program and it was so wonderful to have a day to acknowledge all his hard work. After that night though, the next day he started summer school for his Masters :) School never ends :)

The last few weeks in April and the beginning of May was mine and Ryan's finals. We had many late nights and multiple all nighters. We lived off of pizza, energy drinks, Pepsi,and Sweettarts; I know real healthy huh. lol I don't think we ever went to bed at the same time for a straight month and the last few weeks we took turns getting snacks for each other and taking breaks to make a 7eleven run. It really was a crazy month, but a great one too. We definitely have many stories to tell our kids one day and to just look back on and laugh at. It is a neat experience to go through school together, especially because we go to the same school. We watch each other work so hard and being in school together and watching each other have real late nights, makes us really have a better appreciation for each others hard work. We love being students together, even though we are poor and our house is a mess around midterms, finals and every week while we are in school :)

Here is one funny story that happened the week of finals: the last week of finals I (McKenna) had a multimedia project due and was at the school till 3am finishing it, than I came home and had to study for a math I started studying for math as soon as I got home and only made it about 30 minutes or so and then couldn't keep my eyes open so I decided to set my alarm for an hour and take a 1 hour nap and wake up to finish studying. Well I set my alarm and fell asleep on the coach..At 9:50 a.m. I was awaken to Ryan screaming my name saying, "McKenna wake up it is almost 10:00 a.m.!!!!" (I was supposed to be at my multimedia final at 9:30 a.m. and my alarm never went off and Ryan happened to wake up and see me in the family room) I jumped up from the coach with mascara all over my face :) and started to freak out. I through on a hat grabbed my shoes and ran out the door; I didn't even have time to brush my teeth (gross I know)I just threw gum in my mouth and left. I ran to my class when I got to the school and wasn't too late and didn't get in trouble luckily. I than attended my multimedia final critique and then took my math final. IT WAS A CRAZY CRAZY DAY!!! In the moment it wasn't funny..but after it was absolutely hilarious. So yeah that is just a short summary of our couple weeks of finals. We both had a great semester and will both be taking courses this summer :) What can I say we just can't get enough of SCHOOL lol!