Friday, September 21, 2007

New Pictures

Here are some pictures of the Hurst family in July 2007, pictures of our little family and some pictures of Melly's visit to DC. We will post some pictures of our new apartment later for everyone to see. Oh and I posted a picture of our baby dog Romeo. I hope you guys enjoy! Love you all.

Homework and Hardwork begins :)

Hi everyone it is us again! We thought that it was time to update our blog and to add some new pictures for everyone! We have both been in school for about 4 weeks and we both love our classes. This semester is going to be challenging for the both of us because each one of our classes requires a lot of reading and a lot of hard work. This semester Ryan is taking Arabic, Cross-Cultural Communications, International Relation Research Strategies, Society and Culture in the Middle East, and International Trade and Investment Relations. This semester it took a little longer for Ryan to get really excited for school because he is just about to start his graduate program and is taking classes to finish up his undergrad; so he is in a limbo stage it seems. He really does enjoy all of his classes though. He loves his professors and it has been a lot of fun to hear him practice his Arabic alphabet at home. He listens to the Islamic Call of Prayer about every night which is very neat to hear. It is so awesome to see how he loves the different cultures especially the middle eastern culture. As for me (McKenna), I'm taking Writing for Mass Communications, Understanding Mass Communications, Finite Math, Sex Culture and Society, and Visual Literacy. All of my classes are going well but I'm still figuring out how this new school works. :) American has a lot more reading than I'm used to but it really pushes you to work hard. I am surrounded by people who are motivated and really want to be learn which I love. Some of my professors are very hard graders but I'm learning what they expect. I think the most wonderful part of being in school is that your mind is challenged and you learn new ways of thinking and broaden your knowledge and perspective on many issues. We both are really enjoying school! As for our new apartment, we are moved in and absolutely love it. It is everything we expected and more. We can't believe the difference it has made in our life and are so grateful for it. Our neighbors are wonderful and very friendly. We have a lot of small dogs in our building which is very fun because of our dog Romeo. People on our floor let their dogs out and just have them all play which is a lot of fun! Just recently my sister Melynda came and visited and it was so fun having her here. I will post some pictures! She is so fun to have around and we just love her so much. We miss everyone, but are doing wonderful! WE WILL WRITE SOON! TAKE CARE EVERYONE! HOPE YOU ENJOY THE PICTURES!