Friday, July 11, 2008


Hi Everyone. So, Ryan and I had so much fun this last weekend. Not only was it our first time being in DC for the 4th of July (we are always in AZ visiting) but it was also our 3rd year anniversary..CRAZY WE CANNOT BELIEVE IT. Well for the fourth of July Ry and I woke up early and headed down to a 4th of July Parade in Virginia because Ryan had to register voters for the Obama campaign; so I followed him around and registered people to vote. We registered people before the parade started and then we watched the parade. It was so fun to see a fourth of July parade..because we haven't for a while; I do have to say though it brought back memories of the being in the Gilbert Day's Parade when I saw the cheerleaders :) haha Those were funny times. After the parade Ry and I started to head home and stopped by Whole Foods to get some food to BBQ. Ryan made delicious hamburgers and we had a real 4th of July meal :) After we ate, we watched "The Patriot" (I love that movie) and took a little nap and then we woke up and got ready to head down to the national mall for fireworks. We took the metro down to the national mall because it was so busy and knew there would be no place to park. DC is an incredible place for the 4th of July, it has a lot of history and there is just something about being close to the memorials and monuments that makes it even more special. Everyone in DC it felt was so excited for the 4th there was just an energy about it. Well..we got down to the national mall and we ended up sitting really close to the reflection pool, which the fireworks were lit from. It was absolutely beautiful and the firework show was amazing. There is just something so neat about seeing fireworks in the reflection pool right in front of the Lincoln Memorial. There were so many people there, but surprisingly it didn't feel crowded. It was an amazing night. After fireworks, Ry and I walked down to Georgetown, got a smoothie and then walked home together. We went on quite a walk, but it was a lot of fun. It definitely was the perfect 4th of July.

So now, for the Anniversary Stuff...Saturday, July 5 was our 3rd year anniversary. We both are still in shock that we have been married for 3 years. We just can't believe how time has flown by and how much has changed in our lives. We didn't know where we would be in 3 years when we first got married and boy has a lot happened lol We moved to DC, have lived here for almost 2 years. Ryan has a BA and is getting 2 masters degrees, I'm finishing school in May; Ryan has worked on Capital Hill and we are just at the beginning of our lives. I don't think if you would have asked either one of us when we first got married that we would be living in DC and be were we are today we could have never imagined, but we absolutely love the journey we have taken and are in...Not to say that things never get stressful and that we don't miss our families tremendously, because we most certainly do, but we are excited and feel that we are going down the right path :) Ok sorry for my rant, ok back to this last Saturday..Well Ry and I slept in late and bummed around the house that morning just enjoying having nothing to do and then we left to go look at dressers for our bedroom!! Ok I know some people are probably thinking, "McKenna it is only a dresser," but you have to understand that I haven't had one since we left Arizona and that my closet is small and it is so hard to find my clothes, it is very aggravating when getting ready in the nonetheless, a dresser is a big deal to me :) So yeah, we decided to go look for a dresser and found one at this wonderful furniture store in Rockville, MD that has hand made wood furniture that is not stained. We got this beautiful dresser that looks like it came from Pottery Barn (my fav. :) ) and we stained it an espresso color. We got it for 3 times less the price of a dresser from pottery barn and we absolutely love it. We decided that every anniversary we want to buy a nice piece of furniture that we can keep forever, which I think sounds awesome :) Hey..when Ryan made that suggestion I wasn't going to argue. He asked me that day if last anniversary we bought our TV stand that we got from pottery barn on our anniversary and I said, " No I don't think so" and he said "Oh ok, well I was going to suggest that maybe we make that a tradition," and I said, "Well we can pretend we got it for our last anniversary and make it a tradition." lol So needless to say we bought the dresser and had it delivered on Tuesday. After we bought the dresser, we headed down to Georgetown, walked around for a while, and then found a place to eat. We absolutely love Georgetown, it is basically a few streets with tons of shops and restaurants and is located in a very expensive area, but is always super busy. Well this time while we were at Georgetown we decided to go down a street we hadn't been before and found this little circle of restaurant right off of the Potomac River. It was so funny because Georgetown feels very upscale and very eastern, but then you walk down the street by the river and all these fun and nice restaurants right off of the water and you feel like you are in Cancun :) So we decided to eat at a Mexican food restaurant right by thee river and the food was great. After we ate we went and saw Hancock, which is an awesome movie and then we went home. Well so, that was our Anniversary and it was wonderful. We got to spend a lot of time with each other and that is what it is all about.

Ok so below you will find pictures of our 4th of July in DC and some of the fireworks. You will also find pictures from the day of our anniversary and then the other ones are from when Ry and I went and saw Obama speak, which was amazing. Hope you enjoy them. Well I think that is all for now. I will post again soon.

4th of July Fireworks National Mall

Sorry the video is sideways, but I can't rotate it, so just turn your head :) It is a neat video though because if you look closely you can see the Lincoln Memorial behind the Fireworks.

Ry & I @ the National Mall for the Firewords

This is where the resturant we ate at for our Anniversay in Georgetown was located

Ry and I on our Anniversary

Ry & I about to hear Obama Speak

Waiting for Obama (We got wrist bands for some reason and got to sit up front)