Friday, February 1, 2008


Hi everyone. We are so sorry we haven't kept up our blog! Things have been crazy and we just really haven't thought about updating it. :) We went back to Arizona for Winter Break! We stayed for 4 whole weeks which was amazing. We had a lot of time to spend with our families and got to see friends also. It always feels so good to go back to Arizona and just be surronded by family and familiar faces. We loved the weather there for a change, even though there were some days it was colder in Arizona then in DC CRAZY HUH! I think DC always feels colder though even if it is the same temp. just because of the humidity and wind DC always has. After we got back from Winter Break we just jumped right into school. We both are getting used to our classes and are enjoying the semester so far. ;) Our teachers are great and our classes are interesting. EXCITING NEWS! RYAN GRAUDATES WITH HIS B.A. IN MAY!!! Crazy huh. I'm so proud of him, he has worked so hard and is very excited. In the summer he will start his masters at AU and then we both should be done in about a year and a half. Well we both are just working and going to school. We love DC and are looking forward to some warm weather and hope Spring comes fast lol. I know this post isn't much but I hope it gave you a better idea to what we have been up to. :) Talk to you later :)Oh and one more thing our new years resolution as a family is to be more SOCIAL lol FUNNY HUH, but sadly it is true. We both are hermits. We will see who we meet :) See ya