Monday, March 29, 2010

Have I told you lately...

I don't know how to start this post because I haven't written in forever. It has been a long winter here in DC but finally it is warming up and the flowers are blooming! DC is so beautiful during the Spring; the cherry blossoms come out and it seems like all the trees have flowers on them. As soon as the weather starts warming up everyone and I mean everyone is outside eating lunch on the patios of restaurants and shopping shopping shopping. Speaking of shopping....I have the best husband ever; a few weeks ago, right before my birthday, I was having a rough day and Ryan surprised me with a few gifts. I was so surprised because he is usually at school on Tuesday nights, but on this specific Tuesday night when I got home I found him sitting on the coach; when I walked into the apartment, he look at me and said "go in the bedroom" I responded saying, "oh honey you got me something!" and he said, "why do you always assume I bought you something, couldnt i have just cleaned the room (in a kidding matter)" I walked into the room and found (drum roll please............) 3 BANANA REPUBLIC BOXES filled with clothes!!! (2 pairs of slacks, 2 spring sweaters, 1 ruffle bottom down shirt, a belt & spring scarf) sorry to brag, it is just that my Ry is awesome and the best part of the surprise wasn't the clothes, but the messages he wrote on the boxes, which you can see below.

As for my was wonderful! Although I had to work, I got so many calls from people I love and as soon as I got home it was present time. Ryan got me a few dvds (Princess & the Frog :) Old Dogs & GLEE!!!!) he bought me tons of nerd ropes :) a really sweet card and a black clutch from Kate Spade & a bright yellow purse from Kate Spade!! (you can see a pic below) After we opened presents we went out to eat at Maggianos & got my favorite cupcakes at "Georgetown Cupcake." It was a perfect day and I felt very loved by everyone!

We are doing great: just working hard, seeing lots of movies, taking long walks when the weather allows and looking forward to amazing weather. Ryan graduates with his masters in May! So exciting and I think we are going to be getting some visitors through out this year (Sully, Sam, hopefully Mel & Jason, Ry's Family & crossing my mom) VERY EXCITED! Below are some pictures of the John Mayer concert Ry and I attended in Feb. at the Verizon Center (IT WAS AMAZING, WE ABSOLUTELY LOVE JOHN!!)

Oh quick question...I'm thinking of starting a fashion blog (weekly posts) on daily outfits...what do you think? I also have thought of doing an event blog, but I'm not sure...

Quick Snap Shot of Cherry Blossom Trees

My "rough day" Surprise

"Not for your b-day"
"but to show you I love you and that I want you to be happy"
"So at the end of a bad day"
" I hope this is all you can remember"
"I love you"
"your honey, Ryan H"

Gorgeous Tree outside the Hay Adams Hotel

B-day Purses (I love Kate Spade :) )

John Mayer Concert!!


We love him!