Friday, June 8, 2007


June is already here and it seems as though time has flown by so fast. We have almost lived in DC a whole year and can't believe that we have lived here that long. It is starting to get warm here which wouldn't be that bad, but it is also humid so it doesn't make a very good combination, but we still love it. Ryan is finished with his Spring semester and is taking 2 courses this summer semester. He is taking a painting class and also a sculpting class which he really enjoys. McKenna is still working for the orthodontist in Chevy Chase, Maryland but will probably be leaving her job at the end of August when the fall semester begins. She will be attending American University for 2 years and will graduate with a BA degree in Public Relations and a minor in Chemistry. She is a little sad she has to leave her job, but is really looking forward to school and a new adventure. We are returning to Arizona on June 29 and will be there until July 18 which we are so excited. It will be so fun to see our families and really get to spend some time with them. We are very excited for the warm dry weather and swimming!! Pretty soon I will be starting to post just random experiences that Ryan and I are having in DC so look for those and we hope you enjoy the Blog!!