Wednesday, January 7, 2009

There's No Place Like Home/Arizona

Ok so one of my New Years resolutions will be to update my blog more frequently.  You see...I just get so behind and then become overwhelmed with all the info I feel I need to put, so I never do it.  So my promise is that I will update more, but my posts will be short and sweet, which is probably what everyone would prefer in the first place :)  

Well Ry and I just got back from a 2 1/2 week trip to Arizona for Winter Break/Christmas and it was the best trip ever!  We just both love our families so much and getting to spend everyday with them without distractions was just amazing.  We saw both Ry's and my family everyday which was a treat, and my sister Hannah and her family were also in AZ when we were so that made everything perfect!  To make this post a little more easier I am going to do sections.

Christmas was amazing!  We spent the whole day and Christmas eve with both families.  We spent the night at Ry's parent's house and woke up to MacKenzie waking us up bright and early :)  and then we opened presents.  We got so many amazing gifts like a gps which we so needed in DC!! We also got lots of amazing clothes and shoes and I got a nintendo DS which I know sounds a little funny coming from a almost 23 year old, but I LOVE IT! ;)  We got so many needed and amazing things and just loved spending time with the Hursts!  We then ventured over to the Taylors were we had all my nieces and nephews there which is always a treat.  We started out the morning by having a humongous breakfast and then we exchanged gifts.  We both got some great clothes and I got so many pairs of shoes it was AWESOME :).  We then just all hung around talking and playing with the kids and eventually everyone collapsed from exhaustion from wrapping till the crack of dawn the night before :)   It really was an amazing Christmas.  Oh and not meaning to brag, but hey its my blog :)  Ry got me the most beautiful leather Coach purse and some amazing clothes from my new favorite designer Karen Millen, along with some killer boots and a gorgeous mirror from anthropology with the sweetest note ever. (I'll post pictures of my purse later and my clothes :) )  I know my hubby takes very good care of me and spoils me rotten :)  I got Ry some nice clothes from Ralph Lauren and a PS3 which I kinda think he loves because he has been playing it a ton since we have been home!

I told you I would keep these short and sweet so I am trying :)  This trip really was one of the best.  Time flew by so so fast and we didn't want to leave when it was time.  We both just are so grateful for such amazing and unique families.  One of my favorite nights with my family was our birthdays celebration night where we celebrated hannah's, garrett's and my dad's birthdays.  We had pizza, cake and we played the best games ever.  We played 2 lies and one truth and with a family of all older kids it was hilarious.  We then played Left Right Center; which is a money game and we are a competitive family :)  It was so much fun!  I also loved my girls days with all my sisters and my mom; we just always have so much fun shopping :)  With the Hursts I would saw snowboarding with Holly, Jordy, Kinzi, and Kath was so so much fun!  Holly's birthday was also one of my favorite days in which I for the first time in my life went golfing and it was a blast!  We also had a great night of bowling with the Hurst family and I have to say Bruce and Kyle dominated!  We just love our families!

Below are some pictures of our trip.  Sorry there aren't more, I am so bad with taking pictures.  I just get involved in the moment that I forget to document it :)  Another great thing was seeing my nephew Chase get baptized.  He was so grown up and I'm so glad my whole family got to be there for that incredible time in his life.

Sorry one more thing.  I'm sorry to get so sentimental in this next paragraph, but hey it's my blog :)  This trip was wonderful like all our trips to Arizona, but this one was one of those trips that reminded me how amazing my family is.  I have always known that my family is wonderful and that I love them more than anything, but you know when you have those moments that you just feel an incredible amount of happiness and love, well this trip was one of those moments for me.  Each member of my family is truly unique and that is what I love so much about them.  They teach me so much and I look at each one of them and just can't believe how blessed I am to have them in my life.  It amazes me how different we all are, yet how similar we are at the same time.  I just am so grateful for them and love each one of them more than anything in the world.  And I feel incredibly blessed to have been placed in the family I did.  I am also so grateful for my amazing husband.  He truly is my best friend.  Ryan has enriched my life and has brought so much happiness and life into my world.  He loves me for me and is always there cheering me on, but he also pushes me to be a better person and the person I want to become each day.  I love our life together and am so grateful for a husband who makes me feel that I can do anything and be anything.  I love him with all of my heart and am so grateful to spend the rest of my life with such an incredible man and best friend.  And the Hurst family, I am so grateful for the amazing second family they are to me.  Each one of them is incredible and unique in their own way.  They have brought so much love and joy into mine and Ryan's life and I couldn't have asked for more in a second family.  They make me laugh and I am so grateful to them for letting me into their lives and treating me as a daughter and sister.  I love them all!

Ry and I at lunch :0) I just love him so much!

Beautiful Jordy and me @ Jasons Deli

Adorable Kinzi and Ry Guy @ lunch

My buddy and me in the car!

Ash and me on New Years Eve

Melly and Me on New Years Eve

Me, Rach and Melly on New Years Eve

Funniest Faces ever!  Kinzi tried to teach me how to do a certain face and I failed miserably.

Our little photo Shoot

#2 of our photo shoot

Ry and I at Jason's Surprise B-day Party

I love my Melly!

Me and my girly!

Lexy my newest niece!  She is beautiful!

My Daddy and Lexy after Chase's Baptism

My little snuggle buddy Blakey and Me

My handsome hubby and me after Chase's Baptism

My Sister Hannah and her gorgeous kiddos