Sunday, October 19, 2008

What A Fun Weekend!!

   Ryan and I had the most fabulous weekend :) Friday was a great day, although Ryan had to work till 5:30 p.m.. I got to spend the whole day with my brother Dave. It was so great to see Dave and be able to spend the whole day with him just catching up and talking. Him and his family live in Texas and we don't get to see them often so it was fun to go out to breakfast, lunch and go to the Holocaust museum. We had a great time just chatting. Well Dave had to leave to go back to Texas on Friday in the late afternoon, so after he left Ryan came home and he had a wonderful surprise for me :) SHOES!!! Ry walked in with a big Steve Madden bag and at that moment I knew it was for me :) He bought me a pair of really cute sneakers and the cutest brown boots! What can I say he has very good taste, I love it when he picks out clothes or really anything for me. The week before he brought me home 2 dozen hot pink and orange roses :) I don't know what I did to deserve all these nice little surprises but I really like it :) Ok well so Friday I got my awesome shoes and we just hung out around the house, went to best buy, got a movie and had popcorn and candy. For Saturday we both slept in and caught up on sleep and Ry had a crazy idea to go rollerblading again :) Well those who have red my other rollerblading post you know that the first time we rollerbladed in DC it was a hilarious experience because we quickly found that DC is a hill so going down is easy but going up is almost impossible. So we decided to be smart and take the bus to Georgetown and then rollerblade to the National Mall, see the monuments and then take the bus back to Georgetown and walk home. So we started our journey on the bus, got off, and Ryan told me that I had to see this new store that he saw that he thought I would absolutely love. So we stopped at the store and he was absolutely right. They had the most beautiful clothes and I just fell in love immediately with everything they had. I wasn't going to try anything on, but Ry started looking around and saw this black and white dress and brought it to me. I couldn't believe how cute it was, and he just looked at me and said, "Christmas party dress?" lol Right when he said that I couldn't believe how perfect it was, I'm telling you he reads my mind lol. It is plaid dress with a collar and a belt, I know it doesn't sound that pretty but it is awesome. So I tried it on and loved it and then Ry kept bringing me more clothes to try on (which by the way he is so good at picking out clothes :), seriously sometimes I think I should just stay in the dressing room and have him shop for me lol ) So I found some of the most gorgeous pieces and I couldn't decide what I wanted. Me..not ever being able to make up my mind lol decided to put them on hold, step away from the situation and go back before they closed to buy what I wanted) So Ry and I walked further down into Georgetown, put on our rollerblades and started our rollerblading adventure. Well to no surprise we got many stares because people haven't seen rollerblades since the 70s or 80s lol People literally stopped and looked. We thought it would be pretty smooth sailing because we THOUGHT it wasn't up hill, but we were wrong. You see Ryan's rollerblades aren't $20 rollerblades like mine lol so my wheels don't roll as well, so I spent a lot of my time pushing away and him just smoothly gliding....which I envied the whole time. I couldn't help but laugh at how slow I was, I complained a little :) but was laughing the whole time and didn't want to stop rollerblading because it was fun. Ryan pushed me for a while :) but we finally made it to the National Mall and it was a gorgeous ride because it was in the 60s temperature wise and was getting dark, so all the monuments and the white house were all lit up. It was beautiful. We just enjoyed the beautiful scenery and weather and had fun blading around. We then took a cab back to Georgetown and bought my plaid dress :) and walked to the grocery store and then took the bus home. The night was perfect, we were outside the whole day and we just laughed and enjoyed beautiful DC. We both realized how much we love this city and how much we will always cherish the time and memories we have spent in DC. Well everyone it is getting late and I better get going. We both are doing great and having fun and will update soon. Here are some pictures

My beautiful flowers


Me posing with my flowers :)

Us in Georgetown right after putting our rollerblades on before our blading adventure

Pic of putting the blades on 

We finally reached the National Mall