Wednesday, August 26, 2009


So today I wanted to call my local post office and complain about how grouchy and unhelpful my mail man is...does this make me a bad person?!? As I walked up the stairs to my apartment I couldn't help but be so bugged how put out my mail man acted when I asked him a simple question about my mail. When I got in my apartment I really did want to pick up the phone, but I refrained, because in my head I had a conversation that went something like this "If I called the post office and complained I might feel a little better at the moment, but then wouldn't I feel bad afterwards, or would they talk to him and then for the rest of the time he would "loose" my mail; Am I turning into one of those woman that complains about everything, starting with the mailman, no I'm normal this is normal to be bugged by something like this, it is important for companies to get feedback regarding there employees, but maybe he is having a hard day, well no he has been like this before, why do people stay in jobs they hate." Ok so that was a long conversation that I had in my head, but that is really what went on. So I refrained, I didn't call my local post office, but instead got my mom on the phone and she listened to me :) So glad she loves me.

Ok so I know that was a random rant, but hey that is a little of what blogs are for and for those who really know me, that post will totally make sense. ;) As for an update on life. Well, I'm still currently hunting for jobs. I have had 2 interviews so far and they both went really well. They were both with 2 different full service catering/event planning companies and the positions are perfect for me and exactly what I want to do. The first company, I'm sad to say that I didn't get the job. The man who interviewed me was really nice and sent me a long e-mail saying how he was very impressed by me, but that they promoted with in the company, which is totally understandable right??? but he said that he has 2 other executives who are looking for associates and would be sure to pass on my resume to them; so keep your fingers crossed for me. The other interview went really well and I should be hearing back from them early September, so we will see what happens with them. I also should be hearing back from some more companies for interviews, so I'm hopeful, but going a little insane because I really feel like I should be working. The good thing is I have a lot of time to do little project on our apartment, to do some organizing, to plan a bridal shower for one of my really good friends here in DC, and do tons of make-up/hair trials on my friends hair for her wedding. So life is good, but I feel like I'm just doing a lot of WAITING!!

As for Ryan, he is currently taking a LSAT prep course, working at the State Department and just started school again. He takes the LSAT on Sept 26 and then will start to immediately apply for law schools, so keep your fingers crossed for him. We will probably know where he is going to law school and thus where we will live for 3 years sometime between December and April, crazy huh. We can't wait to get the ball rolling and figure out where I will be working so I can start my career and where Ryan will be going to law school; we have a lot of decisions a head of us, but are so excited.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Summer Lovin 2009

Ok so I'll try to keep this short and sweet however, we have done a lot this summer and it is going to be incredibly hard.  First to let everyone know Ryan and I went home to Arizona for the whole summer!!  We decided that since I just graduated and Ryan needed to study for the LSAT we would go home and enjoy our families the entire summer while our lives allowed us to.  We headed out to Arizona at the end of May, right after school ended.... and ready for the exciting part...WE DROVE HOME!  We decided to take the southern route and see some of the southern states we had never been to.  We went through Virginia, North Carolina, South Caroline, Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, Oklahoma, Texas and New Mexico..ending up in ARIZONA!!  We took our time and stopped along the way to see Savannah, Georgia which was gorgeous, and New Orleans which was so much fun.  During our time in Savannah we spent our time downtown going inside all the little shops and visiting many of their small art galleries.  We came across an artist who's work I fell in love with and sadly to say we lost her card, but we will find her again :)  At the end of the day we found ourselves eating pizza and nachos (I know a weird combo but hey what do you expect from me :) ) at a little restaurant right on the river.  We loved our time in Savannah and really want to visit again, hopefully next time it wont be pouring down rain when we have no umbrella :)  New Orleans is quite the place.  We spent most our time at the French Quarter, which consisted of a huge street full of expensive antique shops, art boutiques, fancy clothing stores and my favorite a custom southern hat shop ;) you know the ones you wear to the Kentucky Derby ;) They were so fun, so pretty, but soooo expensive and the people who make are they snooty.  The street parallel to this fancy street though is the rowdy, and crazy street with all the bars, sex shops and souvenir shops.  It was fun to see, but not a place I would want to be around for Marti Gras :)  The city was so much fun though.  Music is always playing and it has a great energy. Ok so enough about our road trip back home....

While we were in Arizona for the summer here are a few things we did:  Swam almost everyday; Sunbathed with Kenzie & Jordy; Sunbathed with Melly and all her roomies; helped my parents move into their new house; went to lots of movies with my Mom & Melly; went on shopping trips with my Mom, with my g-ma, and with Mel and my mom; went out to breakfast quite a few times with my mom; went to Lake Tahoe with the Hursts & Holmes, went to Salt Lake for the Park City Celebrity Golf Tournament, stayed with Tanner and Heidi Ainge in Utah, went to Idaho with my parents and Ry to visit my sister Hannah and her family, lots of going out to lunch, helped celebrate Kenzie's b-day; helped celebrate my niece Lexi's 1st b-day, hung out with some of our friends, and Ry did a lot of studying for the LSAT. It was an amazing summer full of family and that is exactly what we wanted.  Our 2 big events were Lake Tahoe with Ryan's family and Idaho with my family and they were perfect trips.  In Tahoe we went boating everyday, we were right on the lake, we spent our time on the pier swimming, in the house playing card games and riding bikes into town.  In Idaho we went tubing down the Boise River (one of my fav. memories) with my mom, dad, ry, han, lance, chase, blake and livie.  We spent most our time just being together, laughing, wrestling with the kids, going out to eat, going to the snow cone shack, driving around the neighborhoods and going downtown.  Both were amazing trips that we didn't want to end.

We didn't want this summer to end, but wether we liked it or not we had to get back to our lives in DC and move forward so we can one day be were our families are :)  It was so hard to leave but all we know is that we are trying to find ways already to make another summer like that happen again.  



New Mexico sunset

Texas Rainbow


Only in New Orleans and yes he is a real dog

New Orleans

Romeo's space in the car :)

Romeo resting @ the hotel

Eating in Savannah

Savannah, Georgia


Me Wakeboarding

The Pier

Us on our 4th year Anniversary :)

Hurst Family minus Kyle

Emerald Bay

Blue eyes!


Close Up 1: Chasers

Close up 2: Blakey

Close Up 3: Ry guy

Close Up 4: Me

Close Up 5: Livie Loo

Cutest Girl Ever!

Ry tubing in the river (60 degrees brrrrrr)

I love these girls!  We missed Melly though

My Chasers and me

Arent they the cutest!!  Livie loves Ry.

Han & I after the Boise River



Chasers & Blakey Climbing Trees


Kenzie's Classic face :) We did it together