Saturday, December 5, 2009

So, I know

So I know...I'm terrible at this whole blogging thing. I haven't posted forever and it has started to wear on me (hearing Sam's voice in the head "seriously Meg, come on" :) I know you think this Sam every time you check my blog) so here you go :)

Lets see:

Work Update: Ok so last time I posted I announced to everyone that I got a new job at RSVP Catering, a full service catering and event planning firm/co. I'll be honest, the first few weeks were rough. I had the hardest time adjusting to my new life as a career girl :) Don't get me wrong, I have always worked, but this was different. I worked so hard to get to this point and when it wasn't exactly what I thought it would be, it was hard. I would call my mom everyday and cry, bad huh, it was because I was trying to make sure that this is what I wanted. I wanted to be sure that I was cut out for being an event planner. You all know that when you start something new it is the scariest thing & with me, I always want to be good at something right away. I always worked extra hard to get the really good grades and tried to be in the top of my class; I'm a little competitive :) and let's face it, I think everyone likes to feel good at something. I was so scared that i worked so hard and that this wasn't what I wanted. I stuck it out and now.... I LOVE IT! I'm still waiting to see if I'm going to be good at this, but one thing I do know is that when I'm helping at an event & in charge of the set-up it is the BEST thing ever! I love the craziness and helping to make everything look perfect. This business is crazy, there is so much to learn and everyday I learn something new; I love that about my job. This month has been crazy at work; my boss even has the kitchen make us food everyday for lunch because we don't get out of the office because we are so busy. It is hard work, but the time just flies by because I love what I am doing. Something I'm super excited about is, I become an Account Executive in January, which means I have my own clients and events. I'm super nervous, because I have to find my own clients and this is going to be a challenge, but we will see how I do. Another exciting part is last week my boss, Larry, gave me my first lead, a bride!!! I contacted her and wrote/created a proposal for her with a menu for a plated reception w/ passed & displayed hors d'oeuvres & equipment. I sent her the proposal and we will see if I get the account.. cross your fingers for me. I'm super excited, but afraid that if she doesn't choose RSVP then I will take it personal lol. It would be so awesome to have my first client be a bride, because I didn't think I would be doing weddings until after a year of working, cause that is what my boss had in mind; corporate first then brides, but I guess he changed his mind.

Ryan's Birthday: So my hubby turned 27 on November 11! Although I had to work all day & he had school that night from 8pm to 11pm it was still a fantastic day. I woke up extra early before work and decorated the apartment with streamers & balloons. I wrote I note for him on the mirror and off to work I went. When he woke up he had a surprise with a few presents, streamers, balloons and his fav. candies. When I got home he was doing homework, but I had him open presents and then he was off to school. When he got home everything was closed food wise, so we went to McDonalds (the only fast food place here in DC just about) We went home ate the food and then I sung Happy Birthday to Ry with 27 candles, party hat and party horn haha it was classic and so funny. It was such a good night and one of my fav birthdays :). The following weekend we went shopping and did a shopping spree for him, it was so much fun. I am truly lucky; I have a husband that I love being with and we love to just be together, and the best part... he LOVES to shop; and I love it! We spent 5 hours the other day at the mall shopping for christmas presents and the day before we were in Georgetown getting gifts for our families. It is so nice to have a husband that loves to be out and do fun things and never complains about me looking at everything; he actually is the one who says "try it on" which I love.

And yes I am going to do the mormon wife blog thing, were on her husband birthday she lists a few things she loves about her husband:
Thing I love about Ryan:
1) He loves his family so much and is so close to all his siblings. One thing that I loved about Ryan the first time I met him was how sweet he was to his little sister MacKenzie. He laughed with her, played with her, and we even took her on our first date :) he really takes an interest in all his siblings lives.
2) He has an amazing mind, he is so creative and always has new ideas. His mind is constantly going; I have never known anyone who has more ideas.
3) He is a dreamer. I have always been a real realistic person and wasn't really a daydreamer & when I met Ryan he made me dream, because he did it so much. I love that he dreams and wants to accomplish all those dreams.
4) He is so smart. I call him my walking encyclopedia :) He knows so many facts and can talk to anyone for hours about what they are interested in & not only talks to them but talks in depth about the subject and knows actual facts.
5) He is extremely supportive. He has never been one of those guys who expects me to put my goals on hold to let him do what he needs or wants to do. He is always the one pushing me to go after what I want & I love that .
6) He says the most random and hilarious things ever. ex: did you eat a skunk? the sink is a petri dish. and it goes on..I LOVE IT!
7) He always sees and remembers the good. He has this incredible ability to forgive and to love.
8) He loves school & is such a hard worker. I know whatever he chooses to do in life he will not only be successful, but will make a difference.
9) He is so sweet, thoughtful & kind. He spoils me so much and always knows exactly what to do to make me so happy or to make me smile when I'm mad or sad.
10) He loves politics, shopping, movies, reading, technology and more.

He is my best friend, the one that I confide in, the one I can stay up and talk to for hours and the one that I just love being with. When Ryan and I were first dating I just remember hoping that he liked me. I remember wanting to say just the right thing and wanting to be everything he wanted in someone; that was the first time that I hung on every word a guy said and wanted to impress him :)

Well Christmas time is almost here and Ryan, I and Romeo are so excited to be coming to Arizona. We can't wait to be with our families; we are counting down the days.

Well I better get going. Thanks for reading :)

Happy Birthday to you

Us on the National Mall During the Solar Decathlon.

U2 Concert!!!!!
Us at the U2 Concert.
So excited for the concert to start! It was AMAZING!!