Saturday, June 7, 2008


Ry and I on Memorial Day in the metro!

So I just wanted everyone to know that we FINALLY painted our apartment, and we ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT! We took a risk because we both aren't usually yellow fans, but we decided to be bold and paint our family room yellow because we have a red coach and thought it would be fun and bright! We were at ACE Hardware picking out paint for the family room and bedroom for about 2 hours :) Ryan was such a good sport because I was being very very picky; hey what can I say I get my mind set on something and I know what I like :) We finally decided on the yellow that Ryan picked out the first time, but it took us 2 hours to decide to go with it. We painted on Memorial Day and it took us about 4 hours to do the family room and the bedroom. The family room looked awesome, but after we painted the bedroom I didn't like it. It was a brown, but it looked pink (ugly) lol But I was the one who picked it and was so disappointed. I was just going to deal with it, but the next day while I was at work and summer school, Ry went and picked our a different brown and re-painted the room, and it looks awesome (He's so good to me :) ) So now we have our apartment painted and we love it. Below are some pictures :)

More News...Ryan got accepted for an Obama fellowship and starts next weekend. He is so excited to work on the Obama campaign and could potentially get a job at the end of the fellowship to work on the campaign :) The only downside to this experience is that he has to work in North Virginia and the commute is too long to stay in DC so he will be living in N. Virginia during the week and either he will have to come see me or me go see him on the weekends; so we won't get to see each other for 6 weeks, well hopefully on weekends we will. But the opportunity is too good to pass. As for me...I'm just working part-time and going to summer school 4 days a week. Summer school is ridiculous and I can't believe how much work I have every week, but its only 6 weeks and I'm already half way done and then I start 2 more classes for another 6 weeks. WHAT AM I DOING TO MYSELF :) Actually it is worth it to be able to graduate in May. Other than that I have an interview for an internship in July for Capitol Services Inc. which is the biggest event planning company in DC. They plan corporate events for huge corporations like, Saturn, Budweiser, Wells Fargo and etc. Nothing is for sure because I haven't interviewed with them and have no clue if they will hire me for an internship, but I'm crossing my finger and toes, because this opportunity would be amazing. So we will see!

As for my Romeo story..Romeo (my dog) has a birthday party he is attending next weekend for one of his friends. I just had to share because I think this is hilarious. Mayebe (dog) (that's his friend's name) is turning 1 years old and her owners, a couple from our ward, are having a dog birthday party for her. We are going to a dog park in Alexandria that has a stream and waterfall and then are going to Dairy Godmothers, a frozen custard place, were we will eat ice cream and the dogs get puppy pops. I'll have to take pictures lol. I know people probably this we are crazy, but so many people in DC treat their animals this way, they just love them soooo much! There are a few young couples in our ward that have tiny dogs and we try to get them together to play :) It is quite funny, and a lot of fun. Below are some pictures of Romeo and Maeybe when we dogsitted Maeybe for a week while Drew and Suzanne left out of town. Also are some pictures of Romeo and me, dont' think I'm weird lol I didn't pose these pictures I just had to take the picture on my phone, because I always tell my family and friends that Romeo puts his head on my shoulders when he is bored and I'm not paying attention to him. He will come up behind me and put his chin on my shoulder and let out a deep breathe. It is so funny and cute so I just had to share! Well that is all for now and I'll post again soon.

Painted Family Room :)

Romeo (on the right) & Maeybe (on the left) I thought this picture was so funny. I had to take some pictures so I could show my mom how similar they were.

Romeo (on top of the carrier) & Maeybe (in the carrier)

(Please don't look at me..This was at 2am and I had a hat on all day lol mind the terrible hair)This is Romeo doing his "Pay attention to me please" thing :)