Saturday, May 16, 2009


So I (McKenna) am finally done with college!!  I graduated from American University with a BA in Public Communication with a minor in Psychology on May 9!!  I can't believe that I'm done; it is se-real, exciting and scary all at the same time.  My Mom, Dad, Melynda, Hannah, Clint, Bjorg, Holly, Bruce, Dave and his daughter McKenzie were all able to come to DC and be there for my big day.  It was so much fun to have so many people from my family here in DC.  We all got to spend 4 days together in DC and then I got to spend about 3 more days with my Mom, Dad and Melly.  I couldn't believe that all of us (minus Garrett & Lance) were all together in DC.  We had so much fun being all together and did a lot of site seeing.  Some of the things we were able to do were: visited the Arlington Cemetery; went to the top of the Washington Monument; walked the National Mall and saw all the memorials; did a White House tour; toured the Capitol Building; Visited the Air & Space Museum, American Museum of Natural History, and the American History Museum; etc.  I was so sad to see all of them go this week; it feels a little empty not having 10 people with me all the time :)  Here are some pictures from our fabulous week in DC!  Warning....there are a plethora of pictures :) Hope you enjoy

All the gang minus (Garrett, Lance & Ry) @ the National Mall.  We love each other :)  This was the beginning of our DC adventure :)

My sweet little niece Lexi

Melly & Bjorg

Hannah in front of the White House

Me, Dave & McKenzie at the American History Museum

Ry, Me, Mom & Dad @ my graduation

Ry, Me, Bruce & Holly @ graduation

Me in front of the School of Communication at AU

Me & Mom!!

Mel and Me

Again :)

My Dad with Lexi

The Siblings (minus Garrett)

I love this guy!!

Han & Me 

Bjorg, Me, Clint, and Lexi

Cutest pic ever!  I just love this little girl!

Me with my mom & dad!

Graduation day with everyone

Commencement Ceremony

Right before my graduation ceremony (pic time!)

Me & Dad in front @ WWII monument

Melly & me at the top of the Washington Monument

McKenzie & Me in the Washington Monument

The view from the top of the Washington Monument


Guess who's idea this was....she is above :)
Mel & Han!